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Lawyer’s office NIKQI, provides legal services to  foreign and domestic business entities, entrepreneurs and individuals in the  fields of civil, commercial and criminal law. Competence, experience and local  information enable us to provide our clients with constant support even in the  most sophisticated business activities as well as to help them in overcoming   the difficulties they might encounter in their operations.

The knowledge, as the base of our work that we continually upgrade, has been  confirmed through the cooperation with foreign and local clientele on the  demanding business projects. Being aware of the specific local circumstances,  we are searching for practical solutions in our advising and representation  services bringing efficiency and operations speed to our clients.

Lawyer’s offices  NIKQI is specialized, especially, in representing damaged parties in  traffic, judicial, and outlaw proceedings.

We correspond in Albanian, English and  Serbo-Croatians.



Nikqi & Associates Law firm is a client focused company with the aim of serving our clients with the Integrity and honor. We have build our reputation and expertise through many years in this business and through many successful cases for the benefits of our clients.

General Practice Law Firm in Kosovo NIKQI & Associates Str. Bill Clinton, 12/ Peje  30000 Kosovo +381 39 43 30 77 +381